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If your business needs to invest in upgrades or not sure which direction to go, we can help.

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From current telephony needs to conferencing options our industry contacts and knowledge is top of class.

web design

With a Personal touch, we can get you a fresh, updated and clean website very quickly.



With a focus on the SMB world and rural prairie life, we can understand you and help you understand anything that your business may not have support for today.

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web design

One on one consulting and personal interaction lets us incorporate your business vision and services into the digital world. We can create simple yet effective online sites to increase your sales.

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The fast moving world of technology is almost impossible to keep up with. At Geeky Wiens we have the expertise to collate this information and share it with you so that you can decide which path is best for your business. With close to 25 years in computing experience, our experts can guide you through the digital realm so that you can increase your profits and save time and money.


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